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Western Cape Rental Housing Tribunal making steady progress with backlog

27 October 2020

Between 1 July 2020 and 30 September 2020, the Western Cape Rental Housing Tribunal (RHT) has made significant progress in addressing its backlog, by reducing its cases from 1 903 to 1 635.

Further to this, 629 complaints were entered, 1 159 cases were closed, while 2 029 remain open.

The reduction in the backlog is highly impressive and must be commended, particularly since the various coronavirus alert levels made it quite challenging for the RHT to be fully operational and many cases for a variety of reasons were placed on hold. By working through its backlog, the RHT is demonstrating its commitment to assisting the residents of the Western Cape, where landlords and tenants might have disputes that requires a form of intervention.

I believe that this will be addressed at a more rapid rate, as further efforts to accelerate the eradication of the backlog by increasing the number of sessions of the Tribunal, and mediations being done by members, are currently underway.

The operations of the RHT have also returned to as close as normal, given the remaining disaster management regulations. It is particularly pleasing to note that most of the staff have returned to the office, with only a few high-risk members (i.e. those with comorbidities) still working from home.

As the RHT was established to at no cost assist the residents of the Western Cape, I’d like to encourage landlords and tenants who might be in need of the services of the RHT, to utilize it optimally. The type of disputes includes, for example:

  • Failure to refund deposit
  • Unlawful notice to vacate
  • Exorbitant increase in rental
  • Failure to accept notice
  • Failure to provide municipal services
  • Failure to pay rental
  • Failure to do maintenance
  • Unlawful eviction / illegal lockout
  • Unlawful seizure of possessions

At this stage, the Rental Housing Tribunal can be contacted as follows:

Monday to Friday 08h00 – 16h00

021-483 5020

021-483 0645

021-483 2396




Media Enquiries: 

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