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Western Cape Recovery Plan 2021 - Message from the Premier

16 March 2021

Last year in March we were putting the finishing touches to the Provincial Strategic Plan (PSP). Working day to day to address the COVID-19 pandemic, we asked ourselves if the PSP is still valid.  Have circumstances changed so much that we need an entirely new strategy?

We have come to the conclusion that our strategy is as valid as before, only our problems are now deeper and our financial resources reduced. We have also discovered that how we deliver services is as important as what we deliver.

From this assessment, we have drawn up a Recovery Plan. It reflects the latest research on the impact of COVID-19, prioritises interventions outlined in the PSP, and draws out the lessons we have learned and will put to good use. The way in which we confronted COVID-19 together gives us hope that we will, just as successfully, overcome its aftermath together.

Read the full recovery plan here.