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Western Cape Prepared and Ready for the Start of the Third School Term

11 July 2010

Tomorrow, almost one million learners across the Western Cape will be returning to school for the start of the third term.

We encourage all learners to be punctual and prepared for the term ahead. While every South African has enjoyed the festivities around the World Cup, we need now to ensure that every day and hour must be used optimally for teaching and learning.

Our holiday programmes throughout the holiday period were a success, with learners coming out in large numbers to attend some of the tutoring programmes or safe schools events that were on offer. We are encouraged by their enthusiasm to continue learning, especially our Grade twelve's (12's), who used the long holiday as an opportunity for extra tuition and studying. We would like to thank all the educators and district officials who gave up their time to provide this extra tuition.

The third term is a crucial term for our learners. This is particularly critical for our Grade twelve's (12's), as it is their last full term before their National Senior Certificate Examinations start in ninety two (92) days time.

We are confident that our teachers are committed to ensuring that all our learners get the best support they need in these remaining months. Extra tuition and support, such as the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) tutoring programme and the telematics programme, will continue throughout the third term for our Grade twelve's (12s). Past examination papers will also be distributed to various schools.

District officials have been working hard throughout the holiday period to ensure that schools reopen successfully.

The Soccer World cup has shown us that if we work together for a common goal, South Africans can achieve success. By using this energy, and by working together, parents, educators and WCED officials are encouraged to make this third term a phenomenal success in education.

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