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Western Cape DSD reduces foster care backlog as deadline looms

28 June 2022

The Western Cape Department of Social Development (DSD) has made steady progress in reducing the 2017 backlog of foster care order extensions.

Presently, a total of 37 300 children are in foster care in the Western Cape.  

The Foster Care Backlog as at the end of May 2022 is 2351.  This is great progress when considering the outstanding Foster Care Order figure stood at 5 294 on 26 November 2019. The number only refers to the number of foster care court orders that required extension.

The Provincial Foster Care Management Plan is in full effect and we are on track to clear the foster care backlog before 12 November 2022 deadline.

The Western Cape is fairing very well, considering the national backlog of foster care cases stood at 28 246 at the end of March 2022.

However, the Department’s work does not stop here. Moreover, we will continuously improve our systems and better coordinate with stakeholders, in order to eradicate all remaining foster care case backlogs.

The North Gauteng High Court (NGHC) issued an Order on 28 November 2017, which was further extended in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

The extended court order provides an additional 24 months for the key provisions contained in the 2017 Order. The key provisions highlighted in the court order include the following:

  • The suspension of two declarations regarding the provision for a comprehensive legal solution and putting in place the mechanisms, resources and structures for a sustainable and efficient foster care system;
  • Requiring the National Minister of Social Development to request Parliament to expedite the process for consideration and tabling of amendments to the Children’s Act;
  • Interim regime for management of the affected foster care orders;
  • Reporting parameters changing from six monthly to three monthly intervals for reporting to the High Court and Centre for Child Law

Our efforts will include improving coordination between our social workers, the Children’s Courts and the South African Social Security Agency.

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