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WC DSD and Partners Combating Teen Addiction

30 January 2019

The Minister of Social Development, Albert Fritz, commends the Mudita Foundation, a Western Cape Department of Social Development (WC DSD) funded NPO, for its great strides in providing high quality mental health care and substance abuse treatment services for the youth.

The Mudita Foundation, which was founded in 2010, has rendered specialised treatment services to school-going teens affected by substance use problems. During this time, over 800 youths have completed a treatment cycle of between 6 and 16 weeks. The Foundation currently treats 220 youths per annum. Through the foundation’s work, hundreds more have received screenings, assessments, referrals, trauma-counselling, learning support and related services.

In 2011, Mudita had a presence in just one school; serviced only one area; provided just 45 outpatients with treatment and had not yet introduced brief and early interventions. By 2018, Mudita established a presence in seven schools in five under-resourced service areas including Stellenbosch, Eeerste River, Kraaifontein, Somerset West and Macassar; provided 24 outpatients with intensive treatment and 151 brief interventions

Through interventions such as these, the WC DSD has grown its network of funded services from a mere 7 in 2009, to 53 organisations working at 81 sites across the province in 2017. In 2018, over R102 million has been earmarked towards combatting substance abuse.

Between 2014 and 2017, the WC DSD has:

·       Provided nearly 50 000 clients access to substance abuse services;

·       Provided in-patient treatment to over 5000 service users;

·       Provided out-patient treatment to nearly 10 000 service users;

·       Implemented 15 drug prevention programmes for youth between 19 and 35 years;

·       Provided early intervention services for substance abuse to over 30 000 individuals; and

·      Provided aftercare and reintegration services to nearly 9000 individuals. 

MEC Fritz said, “These achievements speak for themselves. In a recent study of 851 matric learners concluded by Mudita, it was found that 30% of the learners had a high risk of a lifetime prevalence of substance abuse. These learners would not otherwise receive the support they need without the joint help of the WC DSD and partners such as the Mudita Foundation.”

MEC Fritz further added, “We have funded the Mudita Foundation since the 2010/11 financial year. Theirs is a story of what can be achieved when good people believe and fight for their ideals. I look forward to continuing our productive partnership with this life-changing organisation and would like to thank all partnering NGOs for the work they do in combatting substance abuse in the Province.”

Under the leadership of Minister Fritz, the Western Cape DSD remains committed to treating addiction and supporting those with co-morbid mental health issues in the Western Cape.

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