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Twelve People Arrested on Friday, 5 February 2010

4 February 2010

On Friday afternoon, a 35 year old male driver from George was arrested on the N1 close to Beaufort West for defeating the ends of justice. The driver allegedly tampered with his number plates in order to avoid speed cameras. Five hundred and forty nine (549) people were tested for alcohol which lead to eight (8) drivers being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. During these daily operations two (2) drivers were arrested for reckless /and or negligent driving. These arrests form part of an Integrated Vala operation where eleven (11) of these operations were conducted simultaneously over the Western Cape Province. Vala is an Isixhosa verb directly translated to mean - To Close. The intention with these special integrated K78 roadblocks is to close (uku-vala) all avenues for road traffic offenders and lawbreakers.

At these operations yesterday, seven thousand one hundred and thirty six (7136) vehicles were stopped and checked. A total of nine hundred and ten (910) traffic fines were issued for various traffic offences with a monetary value of R540 900. Further more nine (9) vehicles were discontinued for roadworthiness and nine hundred and thirty seven (937) vehicles were searched by law enforcement official.

The Provincial Traffic Department wants to send out a clear message that lawlessness will not be tolerated on any public roads in this Province and transgressors can expect these operations to continue for the rest of this year.

Even in this age of high technology and proactive engineering and safety campaigns, statistics seem to suggest that people are the cause of many accidents due to unroadworthy vehicles and driver behaviour. Vehicles may become more comfortable and safer for the driver and the passengers, but ultimately, it is the driver who is controlling the vehicle. His or her attention to the driving process - keeping a good lookout on the road, making the right decision to brake, slow down, overtake, signal, turn, accelerate and respond to unforeseen activities on the road - is critical for a safe journey. It is a challenge to change people's behaviour towards road safety. People need to be reminded again and again in order to make them alert to hazards that can cause accidents.

You can help prevent accidents if you become proactive in your driving. Obey all the traffic rules and signs. Signboards are placed to warn motorist of danger. Be aware of the danger and take the proper precautions. Also be aware that some drivers do not follow the rules. Switch on your indicators and give ample notice to other road users before you turn. Maintain your car in tip-top condition, especially the brakes, lights and tyres. Maintain yourself in tip-top condition too - get sufficient rest before your journey - and don't drink alcohol and drive a vehicle. Plan your journey in advance and you will arrive at your destination safely.

Note: Please act responsibly so everybody can arrive "Safely Home."

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