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Swartland K9 unit ensures rifle and ammunition are confiscated

20 February 2023

On Sunday, 19 February 2023, the Western Cape government’s Swartland K-9 unit once again assisted the Malmesbury South African Police Services (SAPS) and ensured that a rifle and two hundred sixty-eight (268) various caliber live rounds were confiscated at residential addresses in the local community.

These searches, which also included the Eagle Eye, and Brotherhood Neighbourhood Watches, led to the arrest of five (5) adult males on charges relating to the possession of firearms and ammunition.

Last Thursday and Friday, and as reported by SAPS, the K9 unit assisted in the discovery of the following at a warehouse in the area:

  • “44 firearms (comprising nine rifles, handguns, a cannon and pistols)
  • 11 firearm parts (considered firearms in terms of the Firearms Control Act)
  • An assortment of rounds of ammunition
  • Substantial quantities of gunpowder
  • Numerous boxes used for storage of firearm magazines.”

Western Cape Minister of Police Oversight and Community Safety, Reagen Allen said: “This discovery is quite astonishing, particularly since it comes on the back of a large cache of firearms and ammunition that was also discovered in the same area, just 48 hours earlier. Criminals use firearms to commit murder. The more we remove them from our streets, the more we can ensure that we bring the murder rate down. It is encouraging to note how the K9 unit, and the SAPS are collaborating in this manner. I am also particularly pleased that neighbourhood watch members were involved in this operation. This shows how important it is that all of society play an active role in combatting crime. This is an excellent example for other communities to follow.”

Minister Reagen Allen added: “I have been informed that threats have been levelled against certain members of the K9 unit. On the one hand this is very alarming, and I am concerned about the safety of all law enforcement members; on the other hand, it shows that criminals are shaking in their boots and are beginning to realise that man’s best friend will sniff them out. I say to the K9 unit, other law enforcement members and all those who are fighting crime that you should be proud of how you are addressing these issues in your areas. We will and should not allow criminals to become comfortable, as their only purpose is to break our communities down.”

“It is vital that we continue strengthening our rural safety initiatives, especially since these unscrupulous characters are seeking to expand their criminal activities to various parts of the province. We will continue exerting pressure on anyone that seeks to live and function outside the parameters of the law,” concluded Minister Reagen Allen.

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