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Roadworks from Ashton to Montagu through Cogmanskloof update

25 February 2020
Ashton Ashton Ashton


The contractor is continuing with roadworks in Cogmanskloof. The construction of the R60 turn-off to Swellendam is progressing well

Road layerworks construction in Ashton is scheduled to commence shortly, whilst the installation of stormwater pipes continues on the eastern side of Ashton Bridge.

The Ashton Bridge anchor plate installation is progressing well.

Construction Progress

Since the previous report, the contractor has completed the following activities:

  • The LHS lower road layers from km 19.72 to 20.34, and km 22.30 to 22.50.
  • The concrete balustrades and end-blocks of Boy Retief Bridge.
  • The balustrade cappings of the Voortrekker Bridge.

The contractor is currently busy with the following activities:

  • The installation of services and stormwater pipes in the west-bound lane

(RHS) in Ashton from Loop St to Station Rd (estimated completion date: April 2020).

  • The installation of watermains through the Cogmanskloof River, as part of the re-alignment of pipelines around the new Ashton Bridge footprint (estimated completion date: April 2020).
  • The construction of LHS road layerworks at the Swellendam intersection (estimated completion date: June 2020).
  • The construction of road layerworks in Cogmanskloof.
  • Backfill of Retaining Wall W161 in Cogmanskloof (estimated completion date: March 2020)
  • The construction of the sidewalks in Montagu (estimated completion date: May 2020)
  • Construction of leiwater structures in Montagu (estimated completion date: May 2020).
  • The installation and stressing of anchor plates on the Ashton Bridge arch (estimated completion date: April 2020).

The contractor has reported that the following activities will commence during the next three months:

  • Construction of road layerworks in Ashton.
  • Construction of a service culvert for Langeberg & Ashton Foods near
  • Platform 62.
  • Construction of road layerworks at the tunnel in Cogmanskloof.
  • Final asphalt surfacing in Montagu.
  • Construction of temporary approaches to Ashton Bridge.
  • Ashton Bridge: installation of anchor stay cables.

Possible delays


The contractor’s programme allows for normal inclement weather days.

There are currently two days delay due to weather.


There are currently no foreseeable delays due to shortages of general

construction materials.

Road and access closures

  • Access to properties in Ashton will be affected by the road construction.
  • Temporary ramps will allow traffic over the road construction zones, or traffic will be diverted by road signs. The public is urged to drive slowly and be alert to unexpected movements of other vehicles.
  • The contractor, H&I, will contact the residents and business owners along the Ashton Main Road directly to inform them of the direct impact the roadworks will have on their properties.
  • The western entrance to Van Riebeeck St remains closed. Access is still available via Church St.
  • The sidewalk construction in Montagu impedes access to properties adjoining Long St. The contractor will communicate with affected residents as the work progresses.
  • The newly erected stop-go system at the R60 turn-off to Swellendam will remain in operation until June 2020.
  • The stop-go system in Cogmanskloof will remain in operation until 2021.

General traffic accommodation

Two-way traffic is accommodated in Ashton and Montagu. The two stop/go’s in Cogmanskloof are operating with an average delay of 15 minutes.

Interesting facts

The estimated expansion and contraction of the new Ashton Bridge is +30mm and -42mm.

Contact numbers

General Enquiries: Site Agent: Robert Salvage 083 747 0247

Road Emergencies: Traffic Safety Officer: Zavior Fourie 071 855 8669

Traffic Accommodation Enquiries: Traffic Safety Officer: Zavior Fourie 071 855 8669

Media Enquiries: 

Jandré Bakker
Head of Communication
Department of Transport and Public Works