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Reflecting on the 2010 Footclic Legacy

22 November 2010

The 2010 Footclic participants in Burgundy compiled a stunning coffee table book on the recent exchange project for aspiring journalists between the Western Cape and Burgundy.

The title of the book is "Footclic Cape Town - Afrique du Sud Du 09 au 20 juin 2010". This is one of the projects of DCAS that took place in the Western Cape during the FIFA World Cup Tournament. On receiving the publication from the Soccer President in Burgundy, Dr Ivan Meyer, Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, realised the value of it and immediately arranged to donate the historic publication to our Archive and Records Services in Roeland Street for the necessary preservation and of course to be accessible to the public.

Antoine Michon, the French Consul in Cape Town, and some of the local Footclic participants browsed through the publication with Dr Meyer on 18 November 2010 at Archive and Records Services.

It provided for an opportunity to reflect on the cooperation and relationship between the two regions and also on the legacy of the FIFA World Cup Tournament. The audience was also informed on the perspective of other countries on the Tournament in the presence of the media. This is living proof that DCAS, once again, ensured for people not only to "touch the world cup" but also, given their diverse backgrounds and experiences, actively living the vision of a socially cohesive Western Cape 'beyond the 90 minutes'.

Minister Meyer also handed his MA thesis in Public Administration, University of Stellenbosch, to the Archive and Records Services for safekeeping and for research by the public. It contains his analysis of the South African housing policy from 1870 to 1982. It is dated March 1990 and his study leaders were Mr HF Wissink and Dr W Fox.

Minister Ivan Meyer, Head of Archives and French Consul
Minister and French Consul
Minister and Head of Archives

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