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Premier impressed with innovation showcased at Nampo Cape 2023

18 September 2023

Media Release: Premier impressed with innovation, showcased at Nampo Cape 2023, that is growing the Western Cape’s agricultural sector

On Wednesday, 13 September, Premier Alan Winde visited Nampo Cape 2023, held in Bredasdorp. Nampo is South Africa’s largest agricultural exhibition.

He engaged with exhibitors showcasing all the latest technology being developed in agriculture. “This sector is bursting with innovation!” enthused Premier Winde, adding, “Stakeholders in the agricultural sector are in many ways leading the way with innovation. Such is the nature of the industry, farmers, farm workers and those working in the agriculture value chain have to keep up with this constantly evolving industry. It faces significant challenges, though, with climate change and the energy crisis forcing agriculturalists all along the value chain to constantly stay one step ahead.”

The theme for this year’s Nampo is the “Green Energy Revolution”, indicating the importance of transitioning to alternative energy sources in the agriculture sector. The Premier was shown an array of innovations, such as a floating solar installation that functions as a water pump. He remarked, “It is fantastic to see our farmers and farmworkers embracing technology and a more responsible relationship with the natural environment to overcome the twin challenges of climate change and the energy crisis.”

The agricultural sector contributes around 11% to the Western Cape’s economy and employs thousands of people. Even with South Africa’s muted economic growth in the second quarter of 2023, agriculture increased by 4.2% contributing 0.1% to the national gross domestic product (GDP). Fifty-five percent of South Africa’s agricultural exports come from the Western Cape, making it a critical economic lever for the entire country. The Premier noted, “Apart from buoying our exports and feeding our province and country, our agricultural community is driving economic growth and job creation.”

At Nampo Cape 2023, the Premier was part of a panel discussion, “Nation in Conversation”, that focused primarily on trade relations and the economic impact of the Russia-Ukraine war. He used the opportunity to also speak about the power crisis and the importance of South Africa remaining a beneficiary of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). “All we do must be in the best interests of our residents and citizens. We must seek our investment opportunities everywhere we can,” stressed the Premier. He added, “We should optimize trade relations to further open up our economy.” On Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Premier stressed that it is vital that national government demonstrate its neutrality on the conflict, which has not been the case.