Premier appeals for restraint and dialogue over Middle East violence | Western Cape Government



Premier appeals for restraint and dialogue over Middle East violence

13 November 2023

Media Release: Premier appeals for restraint and constructive dialogue over Middle East violence

I am deeply proud of our province and country’s diversity. In everything we do as the Western Cape Government, we strive for inclusiveness and tolerance. I want to strongly urge all our residents to work with us to keep nourishing and deepening our diversity, even when we are confronted with profoundly complex and emotive issues. We are stronger in our unity. In this light I am appealing for restraint and calm in the Western Cape over the conflict in the Middle East. 

Every citizen, no matter their cultural and religious background, has the right to express their views and to protest. But it is incumbent on all of us to do so peacefully and within the bounds of the rule of law. It is only through dialogue that we can resolve our issues.

Many Western Cape residents are understandably deeply affected and concerned by the unfolding crisis in the Middle East. I too am horrified at the violence. But resorting to violence and intimidation to express our views will not help. Violence goes against the values of tolerance and peace which our province stands for and will not help us build a province and society where everyone is safe and free to prosper.

My heart breaks for the children, the vulnerable and innocent people who have died in this war. Violence against children is completely unacceptable, in any context. Whether they are in the Middle East, Ukraine, or Cape Town, our children must be protected at all costs.