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Police brutality will be investigated

2 April 2020

The Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz, condemns any abuse of power by South African Police Service (SAPS) which includes Metro Police and Law Enforcement and by the South African National Defense Force (SANDF). Minister Fritz further wishes to remind residents that fundamental constitutional rights, such as the right to dignity, can under no circumstances be suspended by the National State of Disaster.

Between 18:00 last night and 06:00 this morning, there were 50 lockdown-related arrests. A further 321 non-compliance fines were issued during this period. Minister Fritz reiterates that residents in the province must adhere to the lockdown conditions and stay at home as this will ensure that countless lives spared. 

Minister Fritz said, “All acts of abuse under the joint command of SAPS and SANDF will be investigated by the relevant entity responsible for these investigations. I commend the City of Cape Town for the swift suspension of three law enforcement officers following their alleged verbal abuse and harassment of residents in the Cape Flats. As the Minister of Community Safety, I cannot be silent amidst the numerous complaints of physical abuse and humiliation against our residents. I will exercise my constitutional powers of oversight over SAPS, including Metro Police and law enforcement.”

Residents are asked to report any complaints of policing inefficiency to the Western Cape Police Ombudsman. Additionally, cases of police and military brutality should be reported to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) or to Military Ombudsman respectively.

Minister Fritz said, “I again call on all residents to stay at home and to practice social-distancing. Only by doing so can we as a community stop the spread. I have requested that the Western Cape Liquor Authority (WCLA) ensure that any outlet which contravenes the lockdown conditions be liable for a maximum fine of R100 000 and have their license revoked immediately, subject to investigation. It has further been requested that the WCLA join the PROVJOINTS committee and be included in every case were liquor was sold or an arrest was made to better track the original point of sale. I further welcome the resolution taken by PROVJOINTS on 25 March that no alcohol will be returned to any outlet after paying admission of guilt.”

Minister Fritz said, “I reiterate that unless you have been exempted from the lockdown, you may not leave your home unless you are going to the grocery store, pharmacy, are seeking medical attention or are collecting a social grant. Staying at home will ensure that countless lives are saved.”

Minister Fritz added, “All reported incidents of lockdown contraventions will further be escalated to PROVJOINTS committee which are attended by both the SANDF and SAPS. Deployments and enforcement of the lockdown are being jointly coordinated by the Joint Command Centre, under the command of SANDF and SAPS.”

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For further clarity on the conditions of lockdown, please see the following FAQs: https://www.westerncape.gov.za/department-of-health/frequently-asked-questions-about-events-and-hospitality

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