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Police and Communities will not Negotiate with Gangs

26 November 2009

The police and communities will not allow gangs to use neighbourhoods as fields of gang fights and bloodshed, says the Minister of Community Safety, Adv. Lennit Max.


This follows the recent spate of gang shootings in Delft and Lavender Hill and the killing of Mr. John Jafta from Delft.

Max says that the police will never negotiate with gangs as neighbourhoods belong to the community who seeks peace and stability and that the right of citizen to live, work and play in safer environments will be protected at all costs.

He appeal to communities to give their full support and cooperation to the police and to become more involved in the legitimate crime fighting structures such as the community policing forums and neighbourhood watches.

Communities must be the threat to gangs and all their illegal activities, by giving information on gang activities to the police.

Max reiterates that no community can stay apathetic to gangs and illegal drugs as this may send a signal to gangs that their cruel and cowardly deeds are approved of.

Max says that he is encouraged by the recent successes of law enforcement and reiterates that the police will continue to cut the gangs' lifeline to drugs and access to illegal firearms.




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