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Over 16 000 housing opportunities delivered in the Western Cape

14 December 2020

On Friday, 11 December 2020, The Department of Human Settlements tabled its 2019/2020 annual report at Western Cape Provincial Parliament (WCPP).

The Department delivered 16217 housing opportunities out of a target of 16859. A total of 8038 housing units was delivered against a target of 9723. In addition, 2 337 EEDBS opportunities were provided to beneficiaries, against a target of 650. This has resulted in 16 217 housing opportunities delivered against a target of 16 859. To ensure that beneficiaries become full owners of their houses, the Department delivered 8 491 title deeds against a target of 7 000.

The reason for this slight underperformance for housing units is due to delayed installation of water meters and connections to the power grid. Without these matters finalized, completion certificates could not be signed off. In terms of serviced sites, services could not be installed on some sites, as community members refused to be relocated.

Since the launch of the Informal Settlement Support Plan (ISSP) in 2016, the Department has worked hard to turn the tide in informal settlements in various municipalities. To date, more than 45 000 households in 42 different settlements across the Province has benefitted through the services initiated.

During the financial year 2019/2020, the Department continued to provide all municipalities with support in terms of developing their Integrated Development Plans (IDPs). In this regard, all 25 local municipalities received technical planning support, directed towards the accelerated packaging of housing projects.

In its pursuit to form partnerships, the Department partnered with employers who are prepared to significantly contribute towards creating home ownership opportunities for their employees. APL Cartons in Breede Valley is one such employer, as well as Tronox/Andisa in the West Coast region.

In recognition of innovation in construction technologies during this financial year 1684 housing units were built using sustainable building technologies, energy, water and sanitation. This is an overachievement against a target of 1000. In terms of research, the Department achieved its target of producing two (2) research papers and one (1) policy guideline.

In its determination and drive to empower Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDI), 66.74% of the Human Settlements Development Grant (HSDG) benefitted contractors with HDI representation. This is expressive of the Department’s efforts to achieve the objective of economic transformation, and ultimately benefitting the majority of South Africans. A total of 156 young people was trained in various disciplines within the built environment against the target of 150.  In addition, 1 056 work opportunities were created against a target of 800.

“It is with pride that we could table both the Department and the Rental Housing Tribunal annual reports today. I wish to thank the senior management staff, together with their teams, for the dedication and effort in ensuring that we deliver on our 2019/20 targets. The Department has again received a clean audit and we will continue to ensure good governance whilst serving the citizens of the Western Cape. We have adapted our service delivery model, within the context of constrained resources,  to ensure that the most deserving receive a housing opportunity” commented Ms Jacqui Samson, Head of Department.

Minister Tertuis Simmers said, “Our achievements in the annual report clearly demonstrates our commitment to delivering to the most vulnerable in our society, which is the elderly, persons living with disabilities, those on the Western Cape Housing Demand Database for 15 years and longer and backyard dwellers. Our continued drive is to be innovative in the manner which we deliver, while also doing so at an accelerated pace. We want to see more integrated communities across our province, where people from different backgrounds, creeds, languages, cultures and sexual orientations all live together in one community,” said Simmers.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Department for their continued professionalism and wish all staff, their friends and families a blessed festive period. I’d like to request that we take care throughout the holiday period and make safety a priority, whether that be against COVID-19, while being on the road or wherever the holiday may take us,” he added.

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