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Minister Ramatlakane opens Magistrates Court in Leeuw-Gamka

19 August 2003
A R250 000 Magistrates Court was officially opened in Leeuw Gamka today as part of the Rural Development Strategy of government.

The Leeuw Gamka Periodical Court has been operating unofficially from April 2003 with court sittings every Thursday, and in due course these will be extended to full weekly sittings.

Delivering a keynote address at the function in Leeuw Gamka; Minister Ramatlakane hailed the development as a proud moment for the people of the Central Karoo.

" Today we celebrate another milestone in our collective efforts to improve service delivery to our people. The people of Leeuw Gamka and Bitterwater had to travel 83 km to get to the nearest court in Prins Albert or 200 km to get to Oudtshoorn. That suffering has now come to an end".

Minister Ramatlakane said the court building was a clear demonstration that government is committed to the realization of the rural development programme of the Karoo region.

"The opening of the Leeuw-Gamka court demonstrates that the government is indeed committed to making "Justice For All" a reality for all our people - especially the marginalized and the historically disadvantaged. We have done it in Khayelitsha, we have done it in Bluedowns; and now we are doing it here in Leeuw-Gamka to cement partnerships with the people of the Karoo", said Ramatlakane.

Minister Ramatlakane said the Leeuw Gamka court is another pillar that will strengthen the fight against crime. He made a call to the community to break the silence on crimes against women & children. "Domestic violence in particular is very high in Leeuw Gamka, but the court can only deliver results if the community accepts the responsibility of exposing those who harm women and children".

Ramatlakane also expressed hope that the court alongside N1 will act as a deterrent to motorists who violate traffic regulations in the stretch of road between Laingsburg and Beaufort-West commonly referred to as, "the death trap" because of its high accident rate as justice would now be meted out right there and then for offending motorists.

The official opening of the court was also attended by the Director-General of the Justice Department, Advocate Vusi Pikoli and the Regional Manager of the Justice Department, Advocate Hishaam Mohammed.

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