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Minister Nomafrench Mbombo opens the Du Noon CHC's Maternity Obstetric Unit

10 August 2022

On Wednesday, 10 August 2022, Dr Nomafrench Mbombo, Western Cape Government Minister of Health, officially opened the new Maternity Obstetric Unit (MOU) at the Du Noon Community Health Centre (CHC).  As we celebrate Women’s Month, we welcome the new 24-hour maternity service which will ensure a full package of care is offered to pregnant women accessing services at the healthcare facility.   

This service now ensures women can receive support through-out their pregnancy from as early in their pregnancy as possible, have quality basic antenatal care, and deliver their bundles of joy close their homes instead of travelling to alternative sites. 

“Our community will now have quicker access to critical obstetric care and detection of any intrapartum problems so that our skilled midwives and supportive medical team can ensure rapid treatment and up-referral to secondary level care at Somerset Hospital where needed,” says Dr Kathryn Grammer, Director of the Western and Southern Health District. “This is the first MOU commissioning in over a decade in our Metro Health District and we see it as the completion of a long journey towards a comprehensive Primary Health Care service package at Du Noon CHC and the surrounding community which will assist us to realise our Healthcare 2030 vision,” adds Dr Grammer.

On 19 June, the 24-hour service kicked off, and mother Asiphe Kona was the first to give birth in the new service to baby Oluhle.  “I was quite happy and relieved to be able to give birth here at Du Noon, as I had expected to be transferred to another nearby facility to give birth.  The service was good, everything ran extremely well.”

Dr Nomafrench Mbombo, Western Cape Government Minister of Health, says “It is very fitting that a day after National Women’s Day, which has such deep meaning in Southern African history in Women’s Month 2022, that we have chosen to celebrate this positive milestone. Many South African women face immense challenges such as Gender Based Violence, societal barriers and worsening socio-economic hardships daily while bringing up their families.  As a department we are committed to continue making a difference in all aspects of women’s health services to respond where we can to empower, care and support women.” 

Kangaroo Maternal Care, phototherapy for jaundice, and post-partum care are critical services offered at Du Noon MOU to mothers and neonates.  “Although we encourage breastfeeding, we understand that not all moms are able to breastfeed. Our priority here is to ensure all babies are well-fed and our mothers are happy. We want our mothers (and dads) to know that we are here for you and will walk the journey with you,” says Sr Josephine Rabele, Operational Manager for the MOU and Antenatal Clinic at the Du Noon CHC.  “Speak to your nurse if you struggle with breastfeeding.  Our team members are experienced in feeding and nutrition and will assist you.  We offer a full package of care now – so we encourage our moms to attend their follow-up appointment dates as part of the First Thousand Days health plan, and to take their babies for their childhood immunisations. It can save their lives.”