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Minister Grant: Third Term Starts on a Positive Note

12 July 2010

Today marked the first day of the third term in the school calendar.

Almost one million learners returned to school today, after a long and eventful winter vacation.

Due to the careful planning and support by our district officials, I am pleased to announce that initial reports from our eight districts reveal that the first day back at school was without incident or any major problems.

Attendance rates of teachers and learners were good; however, there were unusually high numbers in terms of late coming, especially in the city bowl area at schools with high commuter rates.

We urge both learners and parents to make every effort to ensure that they are at school on time and prepared for the day ahead.

We now have ninety one (91) days to go before the beginning of the National Senior Certificate examinations and encourage all our learners, especially Grade twelve's (12s), to read, write and calculate everyday and to make the most of the second half of the year.

Together with our education officials, I will continue to closely monitor all schools throughout the province to ensure that the smooth and positive start to the third term today continues throughout the rest of the year.

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