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Minister Fritz condemns decision to re-advertise Provincial Commissioner post

28 October 2019


The Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz, condemns the re-advertising of Western Cape Provincial Commissioner post, announced by SAPS today, as it points to top-level ANC interference within SAPS and government recruitment processes. This follows a series of complaints from ANC Secretary General, Faiez Jacobs, and Jeremy Vearey.

In a letter from the office of the National Commissioner, it was stated that there was a decision not to fill the post of the Provincial Commissioner in the Western Cape, but rather to re-advertise the position. It was further stated that “the post will be re-advertised internally within SAPS” and that there will be further correspondence on the “constitution of a selection panel to consider the applications for the post”.

 Minister Fritz said, “It is alarming that a process, which was followed in line with the Constitution and related legislation, is now being re-started due to a politically-aligned candidate not being shortlisted. Not only is this a mass violation of the trust in the panel but it is also a breach of the rule of law. I will urgently be seeking advice on the legality of restarting this process which was done “to mitigate the risk for [SAPS], should a dispute emanate from filling the post.”

 “I have previously called for the process of selecting a new Provincial Commissioner to be devoid of ANC factional and political considerations. This is critical given the history of SAPS in this Province being destroyed and rendered institutionally moribund because of politicking. I shall do everything in my power to ensure that the process of selecting a new Provincial Commissioner is not held at ransom by ANC internal factional considerations. As to the allegation by the ANC that I intervened in the previous selection process, I dismiss this with the contempt it deserves,” said Minister Fritz.

 Minister Fritz further added, “The Western Cape cannot afford to wait a moment longer for a Provincial Commissioner to be appointed.  The Province is plagued by a high crime rate, SAPS is suffering from human and physical resource constraints, there are mass allegations of corruption within SAPS and the ongoing Community Policing Forum elections require strategic leadership from a competent provincial commissioner who placing the safety of the province above all else. It is unclear at this stage when the process will be completed but once a new Provincial Commissioner is appointed, it is vital that they prioritise the serious levels of crime and criminality in this province. The Western Cape cannot afford for the ANC to play political games with this appointment process.”

 Under the leadership of Minister Fritz, the Department of Community Safety will continue to use every tool at its disposal to ensure the safety of the Western Cape.

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