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Minister Essop Elected as Chairperson of the nrg4SD

21 March 2005
Provincial Minister of Environmental Affairs and Development Tasneem Essop has been elected as the international co-chair of the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development (nrg4SD).

She was also elected the vice-chair for the Africa region. She will share the chairmanship with the Basque Government's Sabin Intxaurraga, Minister of Land Planning and the Environment.

Premier Ebrahim Rasool congratulated Minister Essop on being elected as the co-chairperson. "Minister Essop's election to be the co-chair is an indication that the world takes our contributions on sustainable development seriously. Minister Essop will do us proud in her new role, she has a deep understanding of sustainable development issues and how it affects our province, country and the continent as a whole. This government is dedicated to ensuring we lead our people onto a sustainable development path," Premier Rasool said.

Minister Essop was elected at the Nrg4SD's first General Assembly held in Lake Toba, Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia last week. Minister Essop is deeply honoured after being elected co-chairperson. "This is a huge challenge and presents the Western Cape with many opportunities and of course an opportunity to increase Africa's participation in the Network. I really look forward to this challenge," she said.

About 200 regional governments, from more than 42 countries, took part in the summit. The Nrg4SD is composed of Regional Governments and Associations of Regional Governments. The Network was borne out of the Gauteng Declaration of August 31, 2002 as part of the WSSD.

The mission of the Network is a commitment to Sustainable Development world-wide.The aims of the organisation are to:

  • To represent Regional Governments at a global level
  • To promote Sustainable Development at the regional government level throughout the world
  • To share information and experiences concerning Sustainable Development policies with Regional Governments throughout the world
  • To promote understanding, collaboration and association between its members
  • To seek international recognition of the contribution to Sustainable Development made by Regional Governments
  • To obtain representation at International Organisations and National Governments.

Mark Gordon of the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development and Dr Laurine Platzky acting Head of Housing represented Minister Essop, on behalf of the Western Cape Government at the conference.

"With its new role as chair of the network under the leadership of Minister Essop, the Provincial Government of the Western Cape is strategically positioned to direct activities of the nrg4SD towards achieving global consensus on sustainable development initiatives," Mr Gordon said.

On invitation from Minister Essop, the next steering committee meeting of the nrg4SD will be held in Cape Town on June 23, which will give the committee an opportunity to attend the Provincial Summit on Sustainable Development, which the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning will host.

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