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Manenberg Community Action Plan signed

27 November 2018

The Community Action Plan (CAP) for a major urban upgrade of Manenberg was signed today by Premier Helen Zille, Mayor Dan Plato, and the Manenberg Community Steercom, represented by its chair, Mr Jonathan Jansen.

The CAP ratifies the historic consensus reached between government and community representatives on how best to deliver a major urban upgrade in Manenberg. This follows an extensive pre-consultation process.

“All role players are committed to ensuring the Manenberg Urban Upgrade continues to be part of a consultative process. We owe it to future generations, to ensure that the legacy of this urban upgrade is one of enhanced safety, education, healthcare, opportunity and freedom for citizens,” said Premier Zille.

The upgrade includes a 594-bed Regional Hospital; a school’s upgrade that will benefit four primary schools; and a new School of Skills for the Manenberg community and surrounds. This infrastructure investment forms part of the long-term vision to transform the urban landscape along central Manenberg into a Youth Lifestyle Campus (YLC).

Mayor Dan Plato said: “The Youth Lifestyle Campus will ultimately include a network of upgraded schools and after-school facilities spanning dozens of city blocks, connected by safe, well-lit promenades. In support of this vision, the City of Cape Town is currently investing in various upgrades to public infrastructure in the community, including public transport infrastructure, lighting, roads, sports facilities, recreational parks and a new redeveloped community library”

The City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Urban Regeneration Programme (MURP) and Province have led the process of community engagement via the local leadership, represented by the Manenberg Steering Committee. This has culminated in the compilation of a Community Action Plan (CAP) and Public Investment Framework (PIF).

The Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading (VPUU) NPO have supported the City and the Province from the very beginning, in facilitating community input on this upgrade.

Planning and feasibility work has been ongoing since 2014/15 to advance the public investment vision for upgrading and transforming the suburb. Both the PIF and CAP represent joint agreements between City, Province, and the community on the priorities in the Manenberg upgrade.

Mr Jonathan Jansen, Chair of the Manenberg Community Steercom, said:

“The Manenberg community sees this as historic event, as it is a plan cultivated by the community and accepted by the City and the Province.  The Manenberg Community Steercom, broader community structures and organisations were invited to be part of the planning and re-imagining of Manenberg. This has been facilitated through roadshows and numerous public meetings and the community were given ample opportunity to provide input on the future urban upgrade of Manenberg, supported and assisted by MURP. The success of this plan will only be seen if the community are active participants and co-drivers of the implementation going forward. The process of engagement with the community will continue as this transformative upgrade steadily becomes a reality.”

Complex Urban Upgrade

A major challenge in making this upgrade a reality, is the limited availability of suitable land in Manenberg to deliver major infrastructure.

The most suitable property for a Regional Hospital was previously identified as the site on the corner of Duinefontein and Turfhall roads, which is currently occupied by Silverstream High and Sonderend Primary Schools.

This outcome has been the subject of an extensive pre-consultation process that has taken place between the Community Steercom, school principals, SGB representatives, the Province and City.

The purpose of this pre-consultation was to reach consensus on the formulation of a proposal on the best and most rational way to upgrade schools, ahead of any statutory consultations that may still be required.

The following scenario has emerged as the preferred option by both the Community Steercom and government, and is now ratified by the Community Action Plan (CAP):

  • That Silverstream High be retained as a School of Skills (SoS) and established on the former GF Jooste Hospital site on Duinefontein road;
  • That a large new primary school be constructed on the current Edendale Primary School site which it is proposed accommodate learners from both Edendale and Sonderend Primary Schools. The finalisation of this proposal is still subject to approval from the relevant Education authorities under the South African Schools Act, including the necessary consultation processes with these school communities, teachers, SGB’s and parents;
  • That the construction of the Klipfontein Regional Hospital be accommodated on the sites currently occupied by Silverstream High School and Sonderend Primary School; and  
  • That the learners of Rio Grande Primary and Manenberg Primary will receive newly built schools on the properties those schools currently occupy, as was the case at Red River and Silverstream Primary schools, which have already been upgraded into state-of-the-art facilities.

This scenario represents an historic consensus on a complex urban re-design proposal, between government and community representatives. It was achieved through multiple stakeholder consultations and a willingness to engage meaningfully from all parties. 

It is not a final scenario, but forms the basis upon which plans are now being made, the final version of which will still be subject to any future consultations, as may be required by law.

In terms of the way forward, pre-construction planning has already commenced for the School of Skills, and the Rio Grande and Manenberg Primary Schools upgrades.

The School of Skills construction is due to be completed by the end of the 2021 calendar year. In the interim, the Western Cape Education Department is holding consultations on the modalities of phasing the curriculum into Silverstream High from the beginning of the 2019 school year.

The School of Skills curriculum will be implemented in parallel to the normal school curriculum during this transition period, while the school is still operating at its current property.

Klipfontein Regional Hospital

Significant progress has been made regarding the Klipfontein Regional Hospital, with several planning phases completed. The provincial Health Department has finalised the business case and held extensive deliberations with the national government in this regard.

Approval has since been received from national government, meaning that funding can be secured for the construction work. The hospital is a substantial investment which will be undertaken in phases, with the first phase delivering 226 beds to the community.

Subsequent phases will incorporate an additional 418 beds and will include specialised services such as paediatrics, obstetrics.

The timelines for the development of the hospital are interlinked with the school developments. Close engagement with the community will be required to ensure successful implementation.

The Regional Hospital is intended to be a facility larger than even the Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain district hospitals.

This is in line with the projected healthcare demand for the broader Klipfontein area as mapped out in the Healthcare 2030 Plan.

The new Regional facility will serve as a referral hospital for surrounding communities. It will relieve pressure on the Groote Schuur, Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, Tygerberg, Mowbray, and New Somerset Hospital facilities, where patients are currently referred to for specialist services.

The facility will also relieve pressure from the Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain district facilities, which are experiencing high demand for beds.

The provincial Health Department will engage with Health Committees in the area to keep them updated on progress.

Further details on any formal public consultations required by law will be announced at the appropriate time, as the planning phases near completion.

Together we can transform the urban landscape in Manenberg for the better.

Media Enquiries: 

Ewald Botha
Spokesperson for Premier Helen Zille
079 694 1113
021 483 4584


Greg Wagner
Spokesperson for Mayor Dan Plato
072 623 4499
021 444 9459