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Malibu High School hair allegations

30 August 2019

I have taken note of the comments regarding the allegations of derogatory comments made to girls regarding their hair at Malibu High School.

I am advised that there is no evidence that such comments were made, but that issue was taken with some girls for not complying with the hair policy.  Hair is required to be neat and tied up.  The issue of afro hairstyles has not been an issue until now, and it has been referred specifically to the SGB for discussion and review of the policy.

I have asked the department to urgently investigate the comments that were allegedly made, and if found to be true, that disciplinary action be taken against the person or persons responsible, as they are unacceptable.

MEDIA: Please note that Jessica Shelver is on leave and I am issuing this on the Minister’s behalf. Please contact me should you want a soundbite or any further enquiries on this matter.

Media Enquiries: 

Bronagh Hammond
Director: Communications
Western Cape Education Department
072 7241422 (please whatsapp or sms me if unavailable)