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Integrated exodus and fatigue management operations

13 December 2018

Many thousands of motorists will be travelling on Western Cape roads during the festive season. Very high traffic volumes at this time of year are expected to cause an increase in moving violations, reckless and negligent driving, speeding, and inconsiderate driver behaviour. During this time, Provincial Traffic Services of the Department of Transport and Public Works and its operational partners will be actively engaged facilitating the safe exodus of outward bound traffic, the safe flow of inbound traffic, as well as fatigue management operations on the N1.

Fatigue is a major contributor to crashes and fatalities. Drivers lose concentration over time, which negatively affects their cognitive abilities and how quickly they can respond to emergencies. Tired drivers are also more likely to be impatient and take risks. To drive for a long time without a rest is to potentially risk your life and the lives of others. Motorists are advised to take a 10-minute break outside their vehicles every two hours.

Fatigue management operations on the N1 will be conducted from a point that is also a safe resting point for any motorist who needs to take a break. Using technology as a force multiplier, officers will monitor the length of time that drivers, especially public transport drivers, travel before resting. This will help to mitigate the risk of fatigued driving. Traffic law enforcement operations will also focus on vehicle fitness and passenger and commuter safety.

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