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Guidelines and protocols for the movement of seasonal workers between provinces

5 May 2020

Earlier today the Western Cape Cabinet confirmed the guidelines and protocols for the transport of essential seasonal workers in the agriculture sector from the Western Cape to other provinces.

The guidelines require that the following documents accompany every essential worker in circumstances where they return to their primary homes in other provinces after the completion of their contract:

  • A permit that is completed by the employer for each essential worker rendering seasonal work
  • Every essential seasonal worker must have an identity document
  • Proof that each essential seasonal worker had been screened for Covid19 before getting on the vehicle
  • A copy of the employment contract and
  • Completed U119 forms for each season worker whose contract has expired.

Owners and drivers of minibus taxis are required to ensure:

  • Sufficient hand sanitiser in each vehicle
  • Each essential worker wears a face mask and
  • The applicable regulations on carrying capacity during level 4 lockdown regulations are adhered to.

Under no circumstances should season workers who tested positive for Covid-19 be allowed to travel from the Western Cape to neighbouring provinces or regions.

The Western Cape Government further recommends that the receiving Province screens essential seasonal workers before allowing them to proceed with their travel.


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