Grade 10 June Exams

24 July 2006
The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) is monitoring the results of Grade 10 June exams to assess how schools are adapting to the new curriculum for Grades 10 to 12.

The media have reported that Grade 10 learners at certain schools have not performed well in these tests. We need to emphasize that change is never easy and requires adaptation by all concerned.

These are early days. We should not overreact to the June 2006 results, but should learn from them to ensure the success of our learners at the end of this year, and work hard to help our grade 10s succeed.

Schools and the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) have prepared thoroughly for the introduction of the new curriculum over the past four years. We are confident that we have given considerable training and support to schools over this period and will continue to do so.

We have also introduced a variety of measures over the past two years to support learners in the transition between Grades 9 and 10. We are currently surveying results in our various districts and will fine-tune our response in collaboration with schools, depending on the issues concerned.

We are also working with our colleagues in the national Department of Education and other provincial education departments on fine-tuning our implementation on the new curriculum.

The Grade 10s of 2006 will be the first to write the write matric based on the new curriculum in 2008. This year's exams will provide valuable insights into what we all have to do to prepare for 2008.

While schools set the June exams, the WCED provided templates for exam papers, and model answers to assist schools in setting and marking the exams.

The WCED plans to complete our assessment of the June exams by July 31, and will evaluate the results in conjunction with the national department and other provincial education departments.

We are asking a lot of all role players, learners, teachers, school leadership and officials, as we introduce a curriculum that compares with the best in the world.

Further support to our schools and educators will be developed to assist them in preparing our learners for the end of the year exams.

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