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Fire & Flood Awareness Campaign Rollout to Vulnerable Communities

1 February 2015

Western Cape Disaster Management through the Department of Local Government has rolled - out its annual Fire and Flood Awareness Campaign across five - district municipalities (Cape Winelands, Eden, West Coast, Overberg and Central Karoo).

The Campaign aims to mitigate the prevalence of fire and flood related incidents/disasters that cause injury, loss of life, damage to property and displacement of people.

The 2015 campaign which runs from 28 January – 6 March showcases a 30 - minute industrial theatre piece used to educate target audiences on the dangers of fires, floods and other hazards such as snowfall. It teaches preventative measures, actions to be taken in case of these emergencies, as well as the emergency numbers 10177 from a landline and 112 from a cell phone. 

The Fire and Flood Awareness Campaign is in its 8th year since its inauguration in 2006. The campaign is used during the fire season to try and minimise unnecessary fires. 

In 2013 the campaign ran for three weeks and was presented at 25 primary schools in the five districts. A total of 16 408 learners were in attendance and were asked questions throughout the presentation on fires and floods to test their knowledge. The play was performed in the 2 dominant languages of the area (either Afrikaans and English or English and IsiXhosa) and was aimed at scholars in grade1-7. 

Pamphlets on fire safety were also given to the children to take home and to discuss further in class. Rulers and pencils as well as posters which contained fire and flood safety tips along with the emergency number with Gerry the Giraffe, were given to teachers to put up in their classrooms and to hand out to learners

The 2015 Campaign aims to target vulnerable and rural communities in areas that were not previously visited. 

Gerry the Giraffe, the Campaign’s official mascot, has returned to entertain adults and children alike. With his long neck, Gerry can spot a disaster from miles away and enforces the message of ‘preparedness’.

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