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Don't Forget to Register on the Western Cape Supplier Database

18 June 2014

Suppliers and service providers who intend to do business with the Western Cape Government must be registered on the Western Cape Supplier Database (WCSD).

Registration on the WCSD is free, and no awards will be made to suppliers/service providers who are not registered on the WCSD.

The following registration and related documents are available for downloading:

The Western Cape Supplier Database allows all 13 departments of the Western Cape Government to extract, manage and verify data received from prospective suppliers that wish to do business with the provincial government. With the information of suppliers at their disposal, it will enable any of the departments to find an appropriate supplier to meet their specific needs for any project.

Should you have any related queries or if you require assistance completing the registration form, please contact Quadrem TradeWorld:

  • Western Cape Supplier Database Call Centre
    Tel: 021 680 4666 /021 680 4632 /021 680 4630
    Fax: 021 680 4655

    Office Hours:
    Quadrem TradeWorld: Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 17:00

  • Treasury Supplier Database Helpdesk
    Mr Kosie Theron, Tel: 021 483 5650
    Mr Ivan Gallant, Tel: 021 483 6223
    Ms Shirley Jacobs, Tel: 021 483 4675
    Fax: 021 483 3163

    Office Hours:
    Treasury Supplier Database Helpdesk:
    Monday to Friday 07:30 to 15:00