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Department of Local Government convenes IDP Indaba engage municipalities.

9 February 2023


The Department of Local Government is hosting Integrated Development  Planning (IDP) from 06

10 February 2023.  The engagement sessions will take place in five District Municipalities: Garden

Route, Cape Winelands, Overberg, West Coast and Central Karoo, in conjunction with Joint District 

Metro Approach (JDMA) Interface Team Leader foreach District.

The Western Cape Government (WCG) has endorsed JDMA to strengthen collaboration across the three spheres of government through co-planning, co-budgeting, and co-implementation in co-ordinating resources to address district wide priorities.  Whist the JDMA has been institutionalised through JDMA Interface Teams across the five districts which have been developed and are implementing respective JDMA Implementation Plans, there is however a need for individual local municipalities to directly engage with the sector departments on planned programmes and projects within respective municipalities.

To better coordinate these engagements for all Western Cape municipalities, the Department of Local Government has resolved to re-introduce the former IDP Indaba sessions which previously afforded municipalities the opportunity to directly engage WCG departments in preparation for their annual review and/or amendment of IDPs.

The Integrated Planning Engagement’s main objectives are as follows:

To afford municipalities the opportunity to engage WCG departments on planning priorities and service delivery challenges.

  1. To share the WCG indicative allocations and planned programmes/projects; and
  2. To assist municipalities as part of their public participation process on tabled IDPs.

The Integrated Planning Engagements will take the form of individual municipalities engaging with the WCG departments (and where possible, national departments with a footprint within the Western Cape), in a central venue per district. Each engagement will be divided into two breakaway clusters (social and infrastructure development) over two to three sessions depending on the number of municipalities in a district – refer to the attached draft programme.

    1. The planned engagements are scheduled as follows:   




Cape Winelands District

6-7 February 2023

Paarl Town Hall

Central Karoo District

8 February 2023

Beaufort West Disaster & Traffic Centres

West Coast District

8-9 February 2023

Council Chambers Moorreesburg

Garden Route District

9-10 February 2023

Oudtshoorn Town Hall

Overberg District

10 February 20223

Glaskasteel - Bredasdorp



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