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Correction: Sinako High School learner in critical condition

18 October 2018

Yesterday the WCED and the Sinako HS were informed by the South African Police Service that a Grade 8 learner had succumbed to his wounds, following an altercation with a Grade 11 learner at the school on Tuesday.

This morning, the WCED was informed that the learner has not died, but is still in a critical condition.

"We are relieved that the learner is still alive, however, he is still in a critical condition. Our thoughts are with him and his family as he fights for his life" said Minister Schafer.

The alleged perpetrator has been suspended by the school and will face disciplinary action. SAPS is also investigating the matter.

The WCED is providing psychological support to the learners of the school.

Minister Schafer said "This is a critical period for all learners of the Western Cape as they begin to prepare for their final examinations. We ask that parents and communities support our youth and encourage positive behaviour, both within school and outside school".

The incident is reportedly not gang related.

Two children and their families have now had their lives drastically affected by this incident. Whatever initiated the altercation should have been resolved in another manner. Violence is not the answer.

Learners requiring any support in this regard, can call our Safe Schools Hotline on 0800 45 46 47 for psychological support, as well as advice on how to manage conflict situations at their school.

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