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Chapman's Peak Drive Scheduled Road Closure

18 February 2015

Source: Chapman's Peak website

SANParks has a duty to control, manage and maintain the area above and below the drive in its natural state.

In this regard SANParks needs to continue with the clearing of alien vegetation on the area above Chapman’s Peak Drive. Not only is this clearing a statutory requirement, but it will lead to the reduction in fire risk and erosion in the area as the high fire risk growth is halted and the return of lower risk natural vegetation is facilitated.

A specialised alien vegetation clearing team will be accessing the slopes above CPD using ropes, to cut and treat alien invasive plants infesting the area. In the interests of safety of the road users, SANParks, the Western Cape Province and Entilini have been engaged in planning a managed programme of road closures in respect of frequency and duration, with the aim to reduce the periods of closure as much as possible.

A project plan has been complied to extend over 12 years. A new phase of alien vegetation clearing will commence on 25 February 2015 with full road closure scheduled between 9:00 and 16:00 every Wednesday for approximately one month.

Enquiries: contact 021 791 8222 or 021 790 9163

We do apologise for the inconvenience.

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