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News and Speeches for Department of Local Government

Oudtshoorn: Councillors will be liable for legal costs

30 September 2015

The Western Cape Government will not tolerate the continued efforts by some councillors in Oudtshoorn who seem determined to frustrate the efforts being undertaken to turn the town around. Read More

Oudtshoorn: Terms of Provincial Intervention Amended

28 September 2015

Following recent events in Oudtshoorn the Western Cape Provincial Government, in consultation with the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, has amended the terms and conditions of the provincial intervention whereby the... Read More

Oudtshoorn Administration Continues Unabated

21 September 2015

Minister Anton Bredell has noted the comments and speculation around Oudtshoorn and comments as follows: The department is currently investigating the events that transpired on Friday. Read More

Free Access to Nature Reserves for a week!

18 September 2015

CapeNature is giving the public access to its nature reserves, as well as activities on those reserves, free of charge* from 21 to 27 September 2015. Read More

Two structures lost in De Hoop fires

15 September 2015

Two structures on the De Hoop Nature Reserve have been lost following fires which started due to lightning strikes in the nature reserve on Monday. Read More

Oudtshoorn: Opposition boycott Council Meeting

11 September 2015

Opposition Political parties have seemingly boycotted a scheduled meeting of the newly convened Oudtshoorn town council this morning. Read More

Minister visits Oudtshoorn

9 September 2015

Anton Bredell, Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning in the Western Cape paid a visit to Oudtshoorn today where he met with stakeholders and officials taking part in the intervention in the town. Bredell says... Read More