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Bursaries, internships and learnerships

Student bursaries and learnerships.

Choosing a career path can be a difficult decision if you're uncertain about what you see yourself doing in the future. To choose the right career for you, you need to first find out what you like and what you enjoy doing. Then you can decide which careers appeal to you and if your personality matches the career of your choice.

Take some time to do research and consider your options. Read up on career websites and newspapers and consider job shadowing, learnerships, or volunteering in your field of choice before making your final decision.

Perhaps you're thinking about applying for a bursary or an internship but don’t know where to begin. We’ve put some information together on the various options available to help you make the best decision for your future.

If you work hard and achieve good results at school, you can have a bright future with more options. This will help you when you apply for a bursary, learnership or internship.

1. Bursaries 

A bursary is a financial award made by an institution to individuals who can't afford to pay full fees. Bursaries are usually renewed each year, on condition that the student is making satisfactory progress. In terms of national and provincial bursaries, bursaries are allocated based on the needs in a specific province and public entity. The following bursary opportunities are either a full, partial or work-back bursary. 

If you're interested in applying for one of the bursaries listed below, you should contact the government department, university or public entity concerned directly. 

Western Cape Government bursaries

Western Cape universities

National Departmental Bursaries

Bursaries offered by public entities  

Tertiary Education Funding Options2

Other bursaries

2. Learnerships on offer in the Western Cape

Learnerships are learning programmes that lead to an occupational qualification. This includes classroom-based learning at the institute and on-the-job training at our research farms. The learnerships available are :

3. Internships, apprenticeships and artisanships  Skilled artisanships on offer

Internships provide real-world experience to those looking to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into a particular career field.  

  • DST-NRF Internship Programme aims to provide university graduates and postgraduates with work experience in science, engineering and technology in order to improve their chances of finding a job.
  • The Western Cape Government also offers internship opportunities, that often turn into job opportunities, at the different departments where students can get hands-on experience and skills.

Apprenticeships provide on-the-job training and are often accompanied by course work.

Artisanships offer practical training focusing primarily on employable skills training and development.

4. Volunteering

Want to lend a helping hand? Find out about charitable organisations in the Western Cape and how to volunteer your time. 

  • Volunteer Wildfire Services recruits new volunteers every year. Happy female student standing with her notes in her hand.
  • Cheetah Outreach welcomes part-time and full-time volunteers who like the outdoors and the big cats.
  • SANCCOB have limited permanent staff and welcome volunteers who show a long-term commitment. Volunteers are taught as much as they’d like to know about seabirds.
  • The Two Oceans Aquarium hosts an education and environmental facility and they welcome volunteers to assist. 
  • Monkeyland rehabilitates and frees previously captured animals and is home to a wide range of primates. They welcome full-time volunteers to stay for at least one month and help out with a range of tasks. 
  • Help2Read aims to recruit, train and support literate adult volunteers from local communities, in an effort to help disadvantaged primary school children who struggle to read.
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