Contractor Development Programme

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The Contractor Development Programme (CDP) is part of the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), and aims to develop skills and promote business sustainability for emerging contractors in the construction industry. Beneficiaries include contractors with a Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Grading of 1-5 particularly youth and women.

Potential beneficiaries are identified per region from the CIDB listing and local municipalities. They are chosen on the expected activity in the local area.

The CDP includes 2 training programmes:

  • Foundation phase training
  • Advanced training and mentoring

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Foundation phase training

The Contractor Development Programme: foundation phase is a skills programme offered to Western Cape contractors who are registered with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) in Grades 1-2.  We aim to empower contractors with knowledge and skills through training resulting in individual empowerment and sustainable businesses.

  1. Construction information sessions
  2. Municipal based training programme
  3. Structured training programme

Construction information sessions (CIS)

The construction information Session is a two day programme. We provide information on compliance to government regulations and procedures on the first day.  The contractor will know how to check if he/she is registered with all entities in order to compete in the open market. The second day focuses on costing and pricing of tenders.   

The Stakeholders include:

Municipal training

The municipal based training programme is a 5-week training programme focusing on the basic construction industry needs identified by Municipalities and contractors who attended training previously through training evaluation.  The training area for a specific financial year is aligned with the completed/in progress Empowerment Impact Assessments (EmpiA).  This training provides the contractors in a specific area with theoretical knowledge, empowering them to tender as sub-contractors on the construction project which will be rolling out in their area. 

We aim to equip contractors with the necessary skills and competencies to tender for future projects in the municipality/provincial government and also have the confidence and ability to compete effectively with other more experienced construction companies.

The training modules for this programme were developed in accordance to training needs identified by municipalities and contractors who completed the training programmes. CDP has a generic programme that is offered, which can be adjusted to suit the needs of the any municipal area. 

Structured training programme

This programme is offered to contractors on CIDB Grade 2. However,  CIDB Grade 1 contractors who have registered construction business and have been active in the industry for at least two years can apply.

The programme is called structured because it is not offered on an ad-hoc basis but as a full training course over a period of 10 months. It is also accredited and contractors who complete the programme will receive a certificate of competence.

Contractors will attend 10 block weeks of 5 days each. In other words five days per month over 10 months. These shorter interventions are necessary so that the candidates do not spend too many sequential days away from their businesses. 

Contractors will be assessed by writing tests on a monthly basis.

They must complete and hand in a Portfolio of Evidence (POE) at the end of the course. This teaches contractors to structure and file their documents properly and in an orderly manner, and forms part of their final assessment. 

Advanced training and mentoring 

The Advanced training and mentoring programme enables the advancement of contractors to the next CIDB grade, through mentoring and accredited training.

We pair CIDB Grade 3 – 5 GB/CE contracting enterprises with experienced mentors, and identify accredited training needs to be fulfilled during this course.

If you would like to participate in one of our programmes please complete the application form and submit via email to Keith Rass.

Directorate: EPWP Construction Industry, Innovation and Empowerment Programmes
Tel: 021 483 8924/2412
Twitter: @WCGovTPW