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Minister Anroux Marais mourns the loss of Sandile Dikeni

13 November 2019


It is with immense sorrow that we have learnt of the passing of one of the great poets and social commentators of our time, Sandile Dikeni.

Minister Anroux Marais said, “Sandile’s role as a social commentator, who through his writings reflected our nation’s journey from the difficult struggles for freedom, to the birthing of a new nation and to confronting and healing the wounds inflicted by hundreds of years of the inhumanity of subjugation. His gift was to reflect, mirror, and articulate and to heal. As a country we are better for it”.

In this time of our country’s history as we journey back to that which makes us great, stronger together, let us celebrate Sandile through his poem which aptly celebrates our country, our nation and our land.

Our thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues.

My country
is for love
so say its valleys
where ancient rivers flow
the full circle of life
under the proud eye of birds
adorning the sky.

My country
is for peace
so says the veld
where reptiles caress
its surface
with elegant motions
glittering in their pride

My country
is for joy
so talk the mountains
with baboons
hopping from boulder to boulder
in the majestic delight
of cliffs and peaks

My country
is for health and wealth
see the blue of the sea
and beneath
the jewels of fish
deep under the bowels of soil
hear the golden voice
of a miner’s praise
for my country

My country
is for unity
feel the millions
see their passion
their hands are joined together
there is hope in their eyes
we shall celebrate

by Sandile Dikeni 

Media Enquiries: 
Stacy McLean

Spokesperson to Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Anroux Marais
083 504 1171