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Minister Anroux Marais Calls For An Audit On Offensive Names

1 February 2018

On 2 February 1990, former President FW De Klerk announced the release of Nelson Mandela, which would set off a chain of events leading to the subsequent end of apartheid in South Africa.

In commemoration of the dawn of democracy, and as we celebrate Tata Madiba’s centenary, Minister Anroux Marais, calls for an audit of all offensive names in the Western Cape. The audit aims to identify all offensive names as part of the ongoing process to develop a common national identity, social cohesion and inclusivity within the province.

Proposed name changes of the identified names will be processed in accordance with the Western Cape policy for the Naming and Renaming of Geographical Features of 2015 and the South African Geographical Names Council Act of 1998.  

This call for offensive names can also be accessed from:

Submissions of offensive names must reach DCAS by 31 March 2018 on the prescribed form in AfrikaansEnglish or Xhosa or by completing the online audit form using the following link:

The prescribed audit form is available on the website of DCAS along with copies of the relevant policy and legislation. It can be accessed on the following link

The audit form must be completed either online or submitted by email to: or via post to:

Geographical Names Services
Private Bag X9067
Cape Town


Media Enquiries: 

Stacy McLean
Spokesperson for Minister Anroux Marais
Tel: 021 483 4426
Cell: 083 504 117