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Premier Zille welcomes ENCA apology on misattributed statement

10 October 2018

Premier Helen Zille has welcomed the apology aired last night (8 October 2018) on ENCA’s Tonight with Jane Dutton.

This follows a 17 July broadcast during which presenter Jane Dutton incorrectly attributed a statement to the Premier that was never made.

The apology, as delivered on ENCA yesterday evening by Ms Dutton, is as follows:

“And now I need to correct a story that we aired on the 17th of July this year.

During an interview on that day with Fadiel Adams of Gatvol Capetonians, I incorrectly attributed a statement to Premier Helen Zille.

I remarked that she had told Eastern Cape migrants to stay away from the Western Cape.

She never said this.

She referred to significant numbers of children coming from the Eastern Cape to the Western Cape in order to improve their chances of a decent education as 'education refugees', but then later apologised if that made them feel excluded.

But, Premier Zille never said they were not welcome, so our information was incorrect, and we would like to retract that remark now.”

The growing trends of urbanisation and migration to Gauteng and Western Cape are well documented.

Migration out of a province is often undertaken by those who are most vulnerable to the effects of failed service delivery by the state, for example the education crisis facing learners in the Eastern Cape currently.

Provincial governments are constitutionally mandated to provide frontline services such as basic education, health care and housing. It would be out of step with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for a premier to promote a view that certain citizens should “stay away” from a province – as per the incorrectly attributed statement.

We welcome the apology from ENCA in this regard and consider the matter closed.

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