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Premier Zille to Meet Principals and Health Facility Managers on Water Crisis

24 January 2018

Premier Helen Zille will meet with the principals of all schools in the greater Cape Town, Drakenstein, Stellenbosch and West Coast municipalities (that draw water from the Western Cape Water Supply system) in the coming week. Health Facility managers will also be engaged in a separate forum.

Detailed plans for securing water supply to schools and health facilities will be discussed with the leadership of these sectors.


There are about 1000 schools within this area. The provincial government has conducted an assessment of the approximately 400 schools with existing boreholes. The majority of these boreholes require minimal work to operationalize for hygiene and fire safety purposes.

Plans are currently being finalised for schools that require additional support to secure their water supply. A range of measures are under consideration, including additional water storage and the distribution of water to schools.

The Provincial Government intends to ensure that schools remain open and operational should Day Zero be reached in the metro.


Most of the relevant health facilities have been secured in the event of Day Zero.
The Province’s Groundwater programme has targeted Health Facilities as the highest priority. Drilling of boreholes has taken place at these facilities. Further testing and reticulation systems are being dealt with.

Security measures at both school and health facilities are also being considered as part of the Province’s plans, and additional resources will be sourced where necessary.

Further details are to be announced post the engagements with the Education and Healthcare sectors. Both engagements are due to place next week.

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