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Elite Sports People Honoured at Boland Sport Awards

16 November 2012

Glittering lights and proud triumphs created a lively atmosphere at the Boland Sport Awards at Goudini Spa in Rawsonville on Thursday, 15 November. The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) partnered with the Cape Winelands District, the Boland Sport Council and local entertainers to bring nominees together at this prestigious event.

This was the first of four regional awards events. Every year since 1996, the Department and its partners have honoured elite sports people in the various regions of the Western Cape. The awards are given for outstanding competition sports achievements in the period 16 October 2011 to 30 September 2012 in a variety of categories. Evaluation criteria include the candidate’s participation, performance and achievements at international, continental, national and provincial level. Selection panels also take into account the nominee’s ranking, the types of competitions he or she has participated in, and whether the nominee is classed as an amateur or a professional.

Councillor Reginald Farao of the Breede Valley Municipality paid tribute to the nominees for promoting sport in the region and inspiring communities and young people to follow in their footsteps. “We need role models in the region. You are an example of what we want to achieve through sport,” he said.

Alderman Neels de Bruyn, Executive Mayor of the Cape Winelands District, emphasised the significant role that sport plays in the region: “Sport brings people together andit builds bridges. The region is proud of your brilliant achievement. All of us are winners and can only build a better sporting future together.”

Both of the main awards went to young people. Kurt Hertzog (wrestling) from Worcester and Christy Nell (gymnastics) from Paarl walked away with the Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year awards. Nell said she didn’t expect to win. She described this triumph as “amazing” and thanked everybody who supported her during the year. Herzog said “I’ve worked really hard during the year and this award will inspire me to become more involved in our communities”.

DCAS is proud of the sport stars. Director of Sport Development, Mr Paul Hendricks, said investing in youth sport is worthwhile. “To see young people grabbing the two main awards is remarkable. This is helping us build a better and brighter future in the province.” It is evident that the event brought young people closer to their role models and inspired them to keep winning together.

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