Traditional Initiation (Circumcision) Schools: 24-25 May 2004 | Western Cape Government


Traditional Initiation (Circumcision) Schools: 24-25 May 2004

24 May 2004
Mr Thandwa Ntshona (Cultural Services) attended this event at the Indaba Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg which was arranged by the National House of Traditional Leaders (NHTL). Burning issues were discussed around the questions of how to stop the unnecessary deaths that occur to the initiates during the time of their season. Thandwa presented a paper at this School as to the role of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport in the Project and also stressed his view, that, "Unqualified traditional surgeons and lack of oversight over circumcision in the initiation schools contribute to deaths that take place in these schools. The deaths that occur because of incompetence, mal-administration and non-observance of health standards cannot justify the call for abolition of initiation schools".
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