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Restaurant Robbery - Robbers arrested after shootout with police on the N2

29 June 2004
Western Cape Minister for Community Safety has commended the members of the South African Police Services for their swift action that led to the arrrest of five persons who had staged an unsuccesful robbery of a restaurant in Woodstock last night ( Tuesday 29 June )

According to police information, five people, three women and two men went into Figtree restaurant in Woodstock and ordered food. After having finished eating, the group pulled out guns and made demands for money.

They then fled with a cellphone and a handbag.

Police were alerted and they gave chase to the group. They were fleeing in a vehicle on the N2 highway.

The fleeing party turned off to Mew Way road and were headed to Khayelitsha. They then started to fire at the police who by now were being assisted by members of the N2 Highway patrol.

Police returned fire and wounded two men. All five were arrested and police recovered weapons and various other items.

" At this stage we would not want to link the arrested persons to the spate of attacks and robberies on motorists on the N2 highway."

Commenting on the incident, Western Cape Minister for Community Safety Leonard Ramatlakane said:

"The swift action is a clear indication and a demonstration by the police that they work 24 hours and have dedicated every minute of their duty to deal with reported and unreported crime and they would look for those committing crime."

"The criminals, after having committed crime, they use our roads to escape. That is why our highway patrol remain alert at all times. I want to assure the public that those who continue to rob and attack motorists on the N2, will be arrested."

"I also want to urge and appeal to the public and residents in the vicinity of the N2 highway to assist police with information on thsoe who committ these crimes on the N2."

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