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Community Patrol Officers contract coming to an end on 30 June 2004

29 June 2004
Western Cape Minister for Community Safety Leonard Ramatlakane says " We have been aware since June 2003 as government and the CPO Directorate that the Community Patrol Officers contract was coming to an end on 30 June 2004"

Commenting on their immediate future, Minister Ramatlakane said, " It has been public knowledge for sometime that the C PO's contract will cease to exist on 30 June this year. That is why we had invited those ex- CPO's to take up (apply) posts within the South African Police Services. A majority of the CPO's have now been integrated within SAPS as public servants or constables.

Minister Ramatlakane added, "Those who did not succeed in being part of the current intake, should be aware that they still have a role to fight crime and defend their communities.

" The Western Cape provincial cabinet has just discussed today (30 June 2004) is now in discussions on accommodating 3500 crime fighting Neighbourhood Watch volunteers who have been hailed for the sterling work in fighting crime in the province side by side with the police.

" Provincial government endeavours to involving the Neighbourhood Watch within the government's Extended Public Works Programme. This is just a clear demonstration by the Provincial government that it values the role of those fighting crime with government. These Neighbourhood Watch volunteers joined us in the fight against crime, heeding a call by President Mbeki for volunteerism.

Minister Ramatlakane said" Those CPO's who have not yet taken the option to join SAPS, their role in fighting crime will always be valued. We would encourage them that when such opportunities present themselves in the coming period, they should apply.

Minister Ramatlakane emphasised that " Crime fighters in our province, whether voluntarily or employed will always have a role to play. They do not become idle for moment. Some have applied to become reservists in SAPS. In this connection those who are out there should apply so that they too can play that role.

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