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Focus on quality at the 19th Annual Ostrich Auction supports growth and jobs

25 April 2023

Two ostriches owned by  PJ Terblanche & Sons were sold for record prices at the Western Cape Department of Agriculture's (WCDoA) 19th annual ostrich auction on 20 April 2023.

The male and female pair was sold for R26 000 and R41 000, respectively.

Male ostriches from the Oudtshoorn Research Farm received an average price of R9 996, and the females had an average price of R21 630.

The auction's turnover was R 1 271 000 at an average price of R14 443 per ostrich.

This year's auction was presented in collaboration with the South African Ostrich Business Chamber (SAOBC) and the broader ostrich industry.

Previously, only ostriches from the Oudtshoorn Research Farm were sold. However, this year ostrich producers had the opportunity to join the auction to provide pre-selected breeding ostriches for purchase.

Dr Ilse Trautmann, Deputy Director General responsible for Research and Regulatory Services, said that the WCDoA supports the ostrich industry through research.

Trautmann remarked, "The WCDoA is the proud owner of the only ostrich research facility in the world. We support the ostrich industry through research into all aspects of ostrich production."

Trautmann continued, "The Department annually sells progeny from the research flock to the industry. This enables it to benefit directly from the genetic improvement made through research."

"The agreement with the industry was that the breeding flock would be maintained and improved to provide the sector with enhanced breeding material," added Trautmann.

The year's auction was preceded by an information-sharing day showcasing ostrich leather quality. Before the auction, the ostriches were evaluated on feather and skin quality. The feathers were evaluated by Hannes van der Westhuizen and Arthur Muller of Cape Karoo International, experts in feather quality.

Mr Piet Kleyn, CEO of the SAOBC, ensured that the ostriches were weighed and complied with the minimum standards for selecting breeding birds.

Western Cape Minister of Agriculture, Dr Ivan Ivan Meyer, said, "Farmers were benefitting directly from work done by the WCDoA's research facility in Oudtshoorn."

Meyer added, "Agriculture is a science, and science is underpinned by research. The research done at our Ostrich research facility contributes to the industry's success. Breeding ostriches and focusing on economic traits is  vital to maintain this positive momentum."

"The Western Cape Government's priority is growth for jobs," he said, adding, "A thriving ostrich industry bodes well for the economy and employment in the Western Cape."


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