Premier, Mobility Minister & Mayor to meet with SANTACO over "stayaway" threat | Western Cape Government



Premier, Mobility Minister & Mayor to meet with SANTACO over "stayaway" threat

20 February 2023

Joint media release: Premier, Mobility Minister appeal to minibus taxi leaders to engage with Western Cape Government

Premier Alan Winde will attend a meeting called by newly sworn-in Western Cape Minister of Mobility Ricardo Mackenzie, with leaders from minibus taxi association umbrella body SANTACO to prevent a “stayaway” this week in the province.

Cape Town Executive Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis has also committed to attend.

The Premier said, “The council is within its rights to protest over its grievances, but we will not accept any violence, intimidation, or destruction of property that has unfortunately come to be associated with stayaways such as these. I am also deeply concerned about commuters across the province, who will not be able to go to work or school on Wednesday if this action goes ahead. I appeal to SANTACO’s leadership to instead engage with us to try to find common ground.”

He added, “The provincial economy is just beginning to make a steady recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic, as evidenced by our bumper summer season. But this planned action by SANTACO, aggravated by the return of stage 6 rolling blackouts, will be a major setback for our economy.”

Mackenzie said, “Shortly after I was sworn in as Minister, I reached out to SANTACO to arrange a meeting where we can discuss these issues and reach an amicable agreement. I will listen to SANTACO’s grievances. If they are being unfairly prejudiced, I will work to put that right. My priority is to deliver safe and sustainable transport to which our people have a right.”

The Premier has given his full backing to Minister Mackenzie to take a firm stand against any violence or intimidation of commuters or other road users, disruption of public transport, and harm to our provincial economy.