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Minister Mbombo's visit to Central Karoo

9 November 2022


On Monday, 7 November 2022, Minister for Western Cape Department of Health and Wellness, Dr Nomafrench Mbombo opened Bergsig mental health ward at Nelspoort Hospital. Nelspoort is located approximately 50kms north-east of Beaufort West. She also completed an oversight visit of the upgraded Emergency Medical Services (EMS) site in Murraysburg.

Nelspoort Hospital is classified as an Intermediate Care Facility and has both TB and psychiatric beds. The total project cost was estimated at R 18.6 million. This allowed for the renovation of existing wards, Bergsig, Omega, and Lusthof, and to improve the environment of care for current mental health care operational requirements. The total area renovated is +/- 3 740 square metres.

The Bergsig ward has been completed and the estimated date of completion for Omega and Lusthof wards is January 2023. “At Nelspoort Hospital, all the mental health patients have access to health services”, says Ms Annalette Jooste, the Deputy Director for Professional Support Services at the Department of Health and Wellness. “We serve as a referral facility for patients across the district”, Jooste further added.

Bergsig ward is a 66 bed-ward where patients have access to the following services:

  • A general medical officer evaluates the patients every Tuesday. The general medical officer also refers patients to the multi-disciplinary team that consists of a physiotherapist, dentist, dietitian, social worker or occupational therapist, where a need exists.
  • A social worker visits the facility every Tuesday or as requested. Occupational activities occur daily at the therapy ward between 09h00 and 15h30, where patients are stimulated through creative activities such as art, painting, and pottery, depending on their level of functioning. 
  • In the case of a medical emergency the professional nurse will refer the client to either the Primary Health Clinic or depending on the nature of the emergency, refer patients to Beaufort West Emergency Centre. All Mental health care users are cared for holistically. 

Minister Mbombo says: “We strive to provide quality psychiatric services for our citizens through innovative projects to mitigate the pressures, currently felt, within our health system. We maintain good cooperative governance and collaboration between our department and the communities to collectively work in a person-centered manner, to address mental illness and promote mental wellbeing”.

Oversight visit on progress made at EMS Infrastructure, Murraysburg Hospital:

On Monday, 7 November Minister Mbombo also visited Murraysburg Hospital for an oversight visit on progress made in respect of EMS Infrastructure. “Apart from minor snags that must be corrected, I am excited to note that the EMS infrastructure is close to completion.”

The Murraysburg EMS relocated its ambulance station to an existing building at Murraysburg Hospital which comprises of eight officials. The total cost of the EMS project is currently around R3 795 386. The project includes a wash bay that was built for EMS on the hospital premises. Additionally, there is a large storeroom, medical waste facility, oxygen room, and a carport that accommodates EMS vehicles.

A paramedic was recently appointed. This will allow EMS to provide effective first-responder and medical services around the clock to the people of Central Karoo. There is one ambulance on a 24-hour basis, and one standby ambulance in the event of life-threatening incidents. 

“The relocation of the EMS station, to the Hospital will make service delivery easier and more accessible. EMS is the community lifeline that renders medical care and comforts the sick and frightened,” Minister Mbombo added.

Services rendered by the EMS Murraysburg site:

  • Emergency prehospital service
  • Medical rescue service.
  • Health net service to Beaufort West, George, and Cape Town.