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Western Cape targets 70 000 pets for rabies vaccination

28 September 2021

Today the Western Cape Department of Agriculture joins the rest of the world in observing World Rabies Day 2021.

We do so by confirming that

  • Rabies is preventable
  • There is a treatment for rabies. But it must be given correctly and immediately after exposure to a rabid animal and
  • Rabies can be transmitted by the bite of an infected mammal but most commonly by dog bites.

The Western Cape Department of Agriculture's Veterinary Services aims to vaccinate 70 000 pets this year. Therefore, it will host regular rabies vaccination outreaches in communities across the Western Cape that do not have easy access to veterinary services.

Other initiatives include farmers' education days and school talks.

Veterinary officials hold regular farmer education days concentrating on diseases,  issues farmers need to look out for and how to prevent them.

At the same time, school talks to learners focus on dog behaviour, preventing dog bites, and preventing rabies in their pets.

Veterinary officials will ensure that Rabies awareness is included during their daily interaction with animal owners during their visits to farms, smallholdings and other premises where animals are kept.

We do so because we believe that the health of animals is vital to safeguarding people's health and preventing disease outbreaks or transmission.

For more information on the services offered by the Western Cape's Veterinary Services, visit https://www.elsenburg.com/services-and-programmes/veterinary-services

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