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Vaccine stories from delft

18 June 2021

With winter fast approaching, vaccinated community members in Delft have encouraged elderly residents around the province to get their jabs.

Sixty-five-year-old Ivan Kula says his biggest concern is contracting the Coronavirus and being hospitalised. After getting his jab,  Mr Kula said that he now has “peace of mind” that he is doing everything he can to protect himself. “After my vaccine, so far, I feel fine. I am very grateful that I could get my vaccine, especially as I am an elder. I have children and grandchildren and they’re up and down. Taking the vaccine is a precautionary measure to prevent serious illness. It gives me more peace of mind. I have been worrying, as I have a school-going granddaughter, it was my concern that I could get the virus from one of the kids. At least after getting the second dose of the vaccine in a few weeks’ time, I know the virus won’t have the same impact on my body.”

The Delft resident has encouraged his peers to also do their part. “I realised it is a good thing to get the vaccine. I want to do my part to eliminate the impact of the virus. It doesn’t mean I won’t get the virus after getting the vaccine, but the impact if I do get it again won’t be as severe. I see people are not taking this pandemic into consideration, but our lives are at stake. I see people who are not adhering to COVID-19 protocols. I see people not wearing masks or adhering to social distancing, we need to do better.”

The vaccination programme has also brought hope to Catherine Hendricks. The 75-year-old received her first jab shortly after Mr Kula. “The process went well, and it wasn’t sore for me. I found out about the registration through my daughter as she’s a healthcare worker. She said, ‘Mummy, I registered you.’ I trust her and I decided to get the vaccine. To anyone who may be afraid, I encourage you to get the vaccine, it’s for your benefit and it’s what we need to stay safe. You need to look after yourself, nobody else will do that for you. I was concerned after I heard about the third wave, so I am happy I got my vaccine now and am looking forward to getting my second vaccination.”

Gloria Ruiters, aged 65, heard about the vaccination programme through friends and registered at the local civic centre in Delft. She has urged caregivers to help their elderly parents with registration for vaccination. “I am feeling good after my vaccine and I was not nervous. I told myself that this is an important first step to protect myself. People have said negative things about the vaccine, but it is not true. I encourage other elderly to get their vaccine. Nothing bad has happened to me. They won’t give you a vaccine to kill you. The vaccine is here to save our lives.”

If you know elderly community members in your area or family members who need assistance with registration, please use one of the following methods to access the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS).

Remember you can register at no cost by:

After registration, you will receive your first SMS to confirm registration. Remember to honour your vaccination appointment and to take along your ID, as well as your second SMS, which will contain your vaccination appointment date, time, place and a unique code. If you are visiting a local vaccination site as a walk-in, remember to take you ID and that there may be a waiting time, as vaccine sites prioritise booked patients. We cannot guarantee that walk-ins will be assisted as this is dependent on vaccine availability.

Residents who have questions on registration or need support can contact our call centre at 0860 142 142.

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