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What to expect from 14 – 18 June

11 June 2021

After three weeks of exceeding targets, vaccination rollout in the western cape stymied by lesser vaccine supply

Over the last two weeks the Western Cape Government has consistently exceeded its weekly vaccination targets. Between the start of Phase 2 on 17 May and3 June, we have received 196 560 Pfizer vaccines. To date we have vaccinated 167 886 persons during Phase 2, which equates to having utilized 85.4% of our allocation thus far.

But just as the rollout gained momentum, the Department received a lesser allocation of vaccines from the national government, which impacted its ability to achieve its target of 120 000 vaccinations this week, which was reduced to 70 000.

This reduction will affect our most vulnerable residents – those over 60 -, less of whom have had the opportunity to be vaccinated.


Vaccines received

On 10 June, we received 49 140 vaccines which will be utilised in the week of 14 – 18 June. This is again fewer vaccines than anticipated. These vaccines, along with the remaining vaccines from this week, will be used to vaccinate as many people as we can in the coming week

To date, a total of 259 618 people have been vaccinated thus far during Phase 1 (91 732 healthcare workers) and Phase 2 (167 886 persons) combined.


Weekly performance




Week 1

10 000

10 327

Week 2

30 000

35 906

Week 3

60 000

66 885

Week 4

70 000

(Adjusted from 120 000 due to lesser supply)

56 410

(As at Thursday 10 June)

*We expect to reach our target with Friday’s vaccinations still to be added.


Impact of fewer vaccines received

There is a supply constraint for the coming weeks, largely due to the delay in supply of J&J vaccines. This means that even though the Department has scaled up vaccination sites, we will not be able to vaccinate as many people as we would like. This may also impact the number of sites activated.

We will thus prioritise persons who have received their second SMS indicating their appointment slot at a vaccination site. As such, less walk-ins can be accommodated. We therefore encourage all eligible citizens to register on the EVDS so they can get their second SMS and be assured of being vaccinated on a specific day.


What can be expected on Monday, 14 June (and the rest of the week)

This past week the Department hosted 182 public vaccination sites, although not all of them could be kept open for the entire week due to vaccine supply constraints.

We anticipate we will have 189 active vaccination sites during the week to come. The names of the sites per area will be updated on our registration dashboard over the weekend and can be viewed here: https://coronavirus.westerncape.gov.za/vaccine-dashboard


Private sector

The private sector has a separate supply line and receive their vaccines directly from the National Department of Health. Depending on the vaccine quantity they receive, they will also open more sites. In total, 26 private sites were active during the past week and we anticipate more will be opened as more vaccines become available.


Your role

We would appreciate your support by waiting for your second SMS, as it will enable our sites to operate more efficiently. These SMSs will be coming in greater numbers as more vaccines become available and more sites are opened.

We also encourage everyone who is 60 or older to please register for your vaccine. If you are not yet 60, please help someone who is. We are all in this together.

We also all need to continue with our preventative measures to keep safe. Always wear a mask when in public, avoid large gatherings and confined spaces with poor ventilation. In addition, please reconsider non-essential travel.

It is also very important to not go for a vaccination if you have symptoms of Covid-19, as you will not be vaccinated at the site and you risk compromising the safety of others.

Remember you can register at no cost by: