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Media Release: Investigate if Unqualified Promotions are Taking Place in WC SAPS

14 February 2019

Minister of Community Safety, Alan Winde has expressed his shock at reports that unqualified SAPS members are allegedly being promoted due to their political affiliation.

A statement released by the Institute of Security Studies (ISS) says that “the South African Police Service (SAPS) is promoting 600 people into management positions – not necessarily because they have the skills or experience, but primarily because of their political affiliation.”

Minister Winde said: “Politics should have no place in the police service. It is the only body which is Constitutionally mandated to prevent, combat and investigate crime, to protect and secure the inhabitants of the Republic, and it should do so without fear or favour. I have written to the Provincial Commissioner, Lt Gen Jula to investigate these claims and establish if this is also the case in the Western Cape. If the allegations are found to be true, I expect Gen Jula to take urgent corrective action.

We cannot have incompetent, unqualified, inexperienced individuals in leadership positions, as this increases the pressure on an already under resourced police service, which is currently also plagued with infighting among the Provincial leadership.”

The Western Cape has a police-to-population ratio of 1 officer for every 509 residents, while the ratio in Cape Town is worse, at 1:560. Compared to the national average 1:375, it means that the Western Cape has a shortage of 4500 officers.

Minister Winde said: “If we are to eradicate crime, we deserve policing that is qualified, experienced, transparent, honest and sincere - a service that has all the required tools and is capacitated fully to be efficient in its work – a service that has a trustworthy relationship with the communities it serves.”

The Western Cape should be resourced with a well-functioning, competent police service and to a level that all communities can enjoy a basic level of policing.

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