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Western Cape CEO Hospital Posts Not to be Advertised

28 February 2012

Western Cape Minister of Health, Theuns Botha, says that the Western Cape will not advertise CEO positions in tertiary hospitals, following discussions with the national health minister.

The National Department of Health has advertised hospital CEO positions in every province except the Western Cape, following an audit last year and recommendations that managers at tertiary hospitals do not meet the required competencies required for their positions.

Minister Botha said, "I communicated with the national minister and informed him that the Western Cape will not advertise our CEO positions in tertiary hospitals. They were appointed on merit and are regularly evaluated and are fit for purpose. As a result, the advertisements for the Western Cape were withdrawn."

"Our tertiary hospital CEOs already meet the new requirements that national government is now setting for new CEOs. The current incumbents at tertiary hospitals in other provinces do not meet the new placement criteria and in my opinion the posts in other provinces should be filled with skilled managers."

"It is important, although the national department is placing the advertisements for the other provinces, that provinces do the vetting, interviewing and appointments, and that this is not done by the national department."

"I welcome this move in the right direction to appoint competent people, instead of doing political deployment, for hospital managers. This is long overdue. The appointment of competent managers and staff is a very important requirement to improve healthcare in South Africa. I can only hope the national minister will take similar action to ensure financial control, responsibility and accountability in other provinces."

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