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Extension of parking at George bus depot complete

4 September 2018

The Department of Transport and Public Works (DTPW) recently completed a project to extend the parking at the bus depot in George and undertake ancillary works. This R8,4 million project started in January 2018 and was commissioned for the DTPW Government Motor Transport unit and Go George

The project increased the amount of parking to 64 standard bus bays (from 24), and 36 minibus bays (from 18). No midibus bays were added to the original 34. A new security fence 450 m long and 2,4m high was installed around the new extension, and approximately 300 m of the existing security fence was replaced. A new slipway was built from the new parking area to York Road.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras were moved to new positions and new floodlights were installed. Additional CCTV cameras were installed to ensure that entire area is under surveillance. Finally, permission was granted to remove a yellowwood tree from the construction site in exchange for the planting of five yellowwood trees at another site. The five young yellowwoods were duly planted at Hoekwil Primary School in Wilderness.

DTPW is committed to creating short-term Expanded Public Works Programme employment and skills training opportunities. During the course of this project, 10 permanent workers were employed by the contractor and 23 people from the George municipal area benefited from temporary employment.

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