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WC Government condemns senseless loss of life as a result of taxi violence

22 February 2018

Statement by Minister Donald Grant, Minister of Transport and Public Works

Early this morning, after 8am, a shooting took place at the Langa taxi rank. Two people were tragically killed. We are also informed that another 9 people were injured during the shooting.

The shooting is believed to be related to conflict in the area over routes. We suspect that this was a targeted attack, with bystanders being caught in the crossfire.

The killers have yet to be apprehended by the SAPS.

The Western Cape Government strongly condemns this morning’s violent attack that threatened the safety of innocent commuters and resulted in serious injury and the loss of life. It also threatens to disrupt public transport even further, which is already under severe strain.

The Provincial Transport Registrar has already instituted a Section 7(A) 20 (of the Western Cape Road Transportation Act, Amendment Law, Act 8 of 1996) inquiry against members of CATA (Cape Amalgamated Taxi Association) who operate on the Langa routes, who are believed to be part of the ongoing dispute. This inquiry will determine whether the association involved should be suspended or deregistered if the circumstances support this.

I also intend to publish a Section 91 (of the NLTA) notice as soon as possible, declaring my intention to close down routes or ranks as a result of persistent violent conflict. The NLTA allows the Provincial Minister such powers.

Together with the SAPS, the City of Cape Town, and the NPA, we have also established an Intergovernmental Task Team to get to the root causes of the ongoing conflict and to address these causes effectively.

We will continue to work together with all stakeholders, including SANTACO leadership and its various affiliates, towards identifying the root causes of conflict that result in the senseless violence which threatens the safety of commuters. We hope that the SAPS moves swiftly to apprehend the criminals involved in this morning’s horrific attack.

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